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The right stuff!

Are you looking for a Digital Mileage Correction Tool?
Don't look any further, you've found it right here.
We have everything you need for digital mileage correction on any vehicle fitted with a digital dashboard or instrument cluster, now and in the future.

Completely satisfied

All models, Alfa to Zafira
Many additional applications like service reset and fault codes
Reliable hardware and advanced software
Detailed manual and 7 day telephone support & FREE TRAINING
Easy handling and extensive equipment
Seven languages in one System
20 years experience and every update available right away
Competitive beginner- and complete professional package.

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let's go.

We also offer remove & refitting service.
No need to get your hands dirty.
New BMW 2016/2018 Now Possible, Only At Dashfixer.

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The Dashfixer Pro can be operated in two ways:
with the convenient touchscreen or with the reliable keypad.
Whether in a workshop or in the street, the Dashfixer Pro is always at home,
wherever you are.

Parlez-vous français?

In France, Spain or Portugal, in Russia or Italy.
in the UK or Germany.
The Dashfixer Pro speaks 7 languages fluently.

Data absorber

Read and write all current eeproms and processors with the latest hardware available.
The Dashfixer Pro can read, edit, save and write all important components.
By the way, you can also save the data via OBD-diagnostic mode.

The Dashfixer Pro can do even more for you!

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Large memory

Are you frustrated when searching for the right picture?
Not with the Dashfixer Pro!
You can find more than 1000 pages of illustrated instructions on the display. Our hardware shows you step by step what to do next.

Foolproof, take a look :

Here is an example of the simplicity of the menu and the detailed instructions.
Moving the mouse over the numbers they will show each single step and a short
description next to the Pro.

dashfixer_a_links dashfixer_a_right
move the mouse onto 1 - 7 for individual pictures

What else ? Here is more.

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We don't like errors

That's why you can erase or edit them on many different cars, like you can do with other expensive garage tools.
You can even edit the service data.

Easy up to date

Update your Dashfixer Pro with a single mouse-click. Get improved software and instructions at no charge within a few minutes.


No more waiting... Today every newly added vehicle is available online. Retrieve the latest software with the Prosuite 24h/day, 7days/week, 365day/year onto your tool. Choose what you need, within 3 minutes it's on your Dashfixer Pro, ready to use.

Maths genius

Do you want to become a professional? Employ the tool's or the suite's hexeditor to modify the data as you wish.

Do you need help? Our support is unique, & unlike our competitors training FREE

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Any questions ?

Who can help you the most? We can even answer the difficult questions with our more than 20 years experience in digital mileage and automotive electronics. As a manufacturer we are always interested in unknown readouts and new vehicles. Simply send us the data and we'll modify it for you.

What if I break it?

We take care of any problems with the tool, repairing it at cost price within 24 hours.

not yet convinced? Our customers are...

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Our customers say:

Steven S. from Gloustershire.
As I previously owned other tools, I only purchased the inexpensive beginner package. I was extremely satisfied, after just one month I upgraded to the pro-package. No regrets, Now I only use the pro.

Brad K. from Thorntonhall.
I purchased one of the first Dashfixers. And the lads at Dashfixer have surpassed themselves, This tool is as reliable and robust as my "Original"(Dashfixer1). They've done it again, by far the best tool on the market!

Mike S. from Kirkintilloch.
I often have the latest cars, if the software is not available yet I simply send a data read and email it and its added in 5 minutes. That is service.

Antonio C. from Orlando FL.
The new proSuite is excellent. iPhone owners are already familiar with This system, however in this industry it is innovative and unique. If I need something, even on a sunday night, I can easily get it. A friend owns a competitors device , if he needs new software, He must send his device to the manufacturer and wait 7 days!

Klaus H. from Stockholm.
Once again thank you for the extensive demonstration of the Pro!
It's easy to handle and I'm happy to have chosen your device !!
Thank you and talk to you soon!

Peter S. from Holland.
...also great is the integrated guide. I don't need to carry around my laptop all the time, which was low on battery all the time when I needed it...

Become a professional here.

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Pro package

Get everything up to purchase-date.
Every hardware, every software, every guide, all models.
Full Support For only £7000.

Beginner package

Start with everything developed up to 01.01.2009.
Every hardware, every software, every guide, all models.
You save £3000.

Are you missing a model on a sunday night at 8 pm,
just get it from the shop.

And where can I get it? From us.

StandAlone Cas4 Programmer
Without Lifting Any Pins.
Dashfixer Tool Not Needed.
Now Comes With 50 Free M35160 Eeproms.

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We are here to help you

arrange an appointment for a free demonstration without commitment. We are here for you from monday to friday between 9am -- 5pm, on Sat/Sun 12pm -- 4pm.

Dashfixer Ltd,
4 Queensberry Avenue,
Hillington Glasgow G52 4NL UK

Call: 0141-891-8877 Int: 0044 141-891-8877
Fax: 0141-891-8870 Int: 0044 141-891-8870
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